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Saviotechnics s.r.o.

Saviotechnics, former Elitechnics, is the Czech subsidiary located in Cerveny Kostelec. Saviotechnics is part of the Savio group since 2014.

Research and development activities represent the core business activity of the Company. All present projects are focused on the research and development of the products and/or technologies with a high value added and their application in the business and industry (e.g. research and development of the OE rotor spinning technology). Skilled engineers and designers with long experience in the spinning sector, working with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to provide innovation and developments, compose the R&D team.
Our team is involved in all phases of the R&D process, i.e. from the design and construction up to the realization phase in the form of applied research, prototypes and experimental stands.

Saviotechnics  is also a supplier of textile components, developing high quality standards both in design and in manufacturing.

The company obtained in 2012 the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate, as result of the commitment to quality and reliability issues.