MesdanMesdanCONTEST (New)

CONTEST®    3304

​​​​​Maturity and Contamination tester

CONTEST® makes the difference in the working principle, it simulates the carding process like in real spinning conditions.  

Simple to use, the operator feeds a 3,5 g sample which is processed into a 10 m fine fibre web.  

First, the web goes to the Fragment Tester for HD image analysis of Seed Coat Neps, Neps and Trash. Then the same web is delivered to the Stickiness Tester, where it is pressed in between two heated drums, the sticky deposits adhering on the drum surface are optically inspected and drums automatically cleaned. Afterwards, the cotton web is recollected, blended and sent to the Fineness and Maturity Tester, where Micronaire is measured by the airflow principle, and Maturity by double compression.

The whole process is automatically achieved in about 1 minute.  

  • complete cotton bale contamination profile in one instrument  

  • easy operation, suitable for both raw cotton and cotton sliver  

  • fully automatic high speed and large mass testing system  

  • capable to simultaneously detect, measure and classify cotton contamination and stickiness, as well as maturity and fineness  

  • highly flexible: each single test can also be run independently  

  • a valuable tool to define cotton bale quality and assist spinners in taking processing decisions in order to achieve consistent yarn quality standards

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