Thermic treatment and winding process in one single machine. 

Volufil Multicone with continuous shrinkage, bulking and heat setting guarantees the most complete shrinking throughout the yarn, which acquires a highly regular geometrical structure with excellent volume and roundness values. Furthermore, the Multicone technology allows the tailoring of package for different end use (dyeing, knitting) with simple settings on PC.

Bulkiness is given to a thread or a yarn taking advantage of the hot deformability of the fibers, especially acrylics. The operation is obtained with a heat treatment on the moving thread, free to retract. The effect of the Volufil process gives fibres dimensional stability, higher volume, wrinkle resistance or temperature resistance. The packages produced by Savio’s VOLUFIL have optimum application in the dyeing, knitting and home-furnishing sector thanks to their ability to absorb dyes and their wool-like aesthetics. 



    Automatic winder for continuous shrinkage, bulking and heat setting.



  • Thermic treatment and winding process in one single machine.
  • Visual interface on the PC screen for almost tailoring the final package.
  • A precise and controlled yarn layering.
  • Perfect package edges geometry with optimization of the density.
  • Winding speed up to 1.000 mt/min according to the required thermic treatment.