Energy efficiency and sustainable eco-green advantages

The EcoPulsarS winding machine, with its eco-sustainable advantages, meets the market needs in terms of energy efficiency, productivity, noise reduction and air conditioning savings. These requirements must always be accompanied by performances where the high quality of the yarns and bobbins are combined with maximum production flexibility.

The increase in process productivity and the improved yarn quality of EcoPulsarS have been combined with eco-sustainable energy saving solutions. EcoPulsarS can save up to 30% of energy, being equipped of an individual and independent suction system for each single spindle, that allows to use energy only when it is necessary, that is during the splicing or bobbin change cycles. 
We underline that the share of energy consumption required by the centralized suction system represents 75% of the total energy required for the winding process; therefore the reduction up to a maximum of 30% of this quota, represents a significant and permanent saving on the total cost of yarn production.
The suction per each winding unit has further advantages due to the intrinsic flexibility of being able to set optimized values, ​​according to the processed yarn and the splicing sequence. It follows directly that the productivity of the machine increases, thanks to the elimination of non-productive cycles.
The combination of all the new features and the new design have created an environment in which every part of the machine can operate at an optimal level without limitations.




    manual bobbin feeding (manual package doffing) 
    manual bobbin feeding (automatic package doffing) 
    automatic bobbin feeding and doffing (Stand-alone system)
  • ECO PULSARS I/Direct Link System
    automatic bobbin feeding and doffing (Direct Link System)




  • Eco PulsarS with its innovative platform can save up to 30% power bill thanks to “Suction on Demand” system
  • New Controlled Cut System to reduce repetitions
  • Yarn Tension Control System: gate system/disc system for different fibers and finishing blends
  • Innovative Waste Collection to reduce yarn waste
  • Friendlier to the user: machine control and diagnostics
Eco PulsarS EI - Automatic bobbin feeding type
Eco PulsarS ML - Round magazine type