The worldwide flagship of Savio in high-end TFO segment.


The machine responds to the demands of customers looking for a significant reduction in labor and energy. Twisting is of great importance not only in the context of manufacturing costs, but also as a real completion of a production cycle, therefore very interesting in terms of yarn quality.

Sirius has been realized to support the entire Savio spindle range. You can choose the best spindle according to dimension, weight and density of feeding package.

The Electronic Drive System allows setting via PC any working parameter, introducing an important flexibility element. In particular, is possible to set:
•    Spindle Speed 
•    Twist number and direction (S/Z)
•    Winding angle
•    Modulation (antiribboning)
•    Thread-guide traverse 
•    Axial displacement
•    Variable bunching length

Moreover, Electronic Drive System allows customers to choose, among the diverse package shape:
•    Standard packages
•    “Pineapple” packages
•    Rounded-edge packages
This system includes axial displacement, realized by the electronic thread-guide control, which allows the yarn distribution over package edges, to obtain a “Customized” Package design. The bunching length is settable by the PC, as well as its position on the package tube.
The working parameters can be varied flexibly, there’re not pre-set ranges any more, this allows our customers to obtain the best results, both in terms of working speed and package formation.


  • SIRIUS – Two for one twister
  • SIRIUS Electronic Drive System (EDS) – Two for one twister with EDS Electronic Drive System


  • Widest range of feeding solutions. 
  • Great selection of optional covering all needs. 
  • EDS and Inverter solutions to minimize downtime and enhance flexibility.