The maximum flexibility for a cost-effective and space-saving ring spinning

The requirement for integrated automation in the spinning process is increasing, leading Savio to offer customers new flexible link solutions, compared to the classic 1x1
link configuration. Thanks to the Multilink, multiple ring spinning frames (RSF) can be connected to one Savio winder, becoming a tailor-made circuit to link two, three,
four RSFs to one winding machine. Each winder can so be prepared to process different yarns lots, different yarn counts, on a single machine.

Multi-Link makes automation possible in all those cases where it was previously not economical or not easily feasible, such as in the replacement segment. For example,
where space is limited, where spinning mill layout has small spacings, where spinning mills still work manually with short ring spinning frames.
In all these replacement situations, Savio can offer tailor-made solutions especially studied to fit customer needs and spaces. This gives the maximum flexibility in the layout design, while always keeping the quality consistent even with multi-connected machines.


The challenge to fit different customer requirements was brought up successfully from Savio, which is now the reference brand for the MULTILINK solution. We can offer complex and wide spread systems, specifically engineered and designed to fit customer needs. Savio has gained customers approval with its "ORIGINAL" solutions.