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Saviotechnics is the Czech subsidiary located in Cerveny Kostelec. Research and development activities represent the core business activity of the Company. All present projects are focused on the research and development of the products and/or technologies with a high value added and their application in the business and industry (e.g. research and development of the OE rotor spinning technology). 
Saviotechnics is also a supplier of textile components, developing high quality standards both in design and in manufacturing.


Machining of ferrous and non ferrous materials is focused on small/medium size production batches, with spot and serial orders, mainly with the following technologies:
• rotating parts: turning, milling, grooving, and balancing;
• cubic parts: drilling, milling, and complete working;
• gearing systems: involute gearing, wheels for toothed belts.

• Design and development of fixtures and tools.
• Production of Jigs and gauges.
• Machining on machining centers with transfer technology.
• Machining centers with horizontal and vertical spindles.
• Machining of Aluminium, brass, copper, and stainless steel.
• Machining and development of customized products as per customer prints and specs.
• Various operation such as drilling, boring and reaming, grinding.
• Shearing and bending tools according to dimension of 500 x 500 mm.


  • R&D,
  • Technological laboratory
  • Testing room for spinning and winding parts
  • Measurement room for mechanical and electrical surveying
  • Quality Lab


Lhota 427, 549 41 Cerveny Kostelec, Czech Republic

+420 499 451466