Denim is integrated into our lifestyle. Denim is always popular and its market is expanding. As lifestyle changes, so does denim – with new weights, fibers, finishing techniques, application treatments and end-uses.  Denim today it is worn everywhere: add spandex for fit and comfort, Tencel® for luster, polyester for wear, wool for warmth, flax for looks. Dye it into bright colors, or print or embellish it. Along with pants, denim is now available in coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, eveningwear, accessories and footwear. It is worn everywhere by men, women and children. Denim is the fabric of choice and its popularity is growing. 


Savio automatic winders can easily process special and challenging yarns; now the most demanding product is the dual core spun yarns. The Savio winding unit is equipped with clearing, splicing and tension control devices for ensuring perfect splices and perfect package shape.  


To allows the warping process to be best achieved, winding machines produce big cylindrical packages, usually 300mm in diameter and over, with great density. The peculiar robustness and strength of denim is given by the thickness of the yarn.
The demand for yarns with elastomeric core is expanding and plays an important role because of fashion versatility and flexibility. Stretch garments are playing an important role inside this scenario, denim jeans and leggings are highly requested, especially for womenswear. Keeping up this trend of stretch denim, many yarn & fabric manufacturers are offering duo core yarns with improved recovery and strength, while retaining the comfort of cotton next to the skin. Dual core spun yarns are consisting of three components: a core filament - mainly Lycra®, a polyester multifilament as T-400® and a staple fiber- mainly cotton. This special yarn offers improved recovery and strength compared to traditional core spun technology. Savio winding machine can easily process special and challenging yarns. Savio winding unit is equipped with splicing and tension control devices for ensuring perfect joints and perfect package shape.  A common problem faced by the stretch fabric manufacturers is the breakage of the yarns during downstream process. The well-known Savio Twinsplicer® still represents the solution to achieve the best performance of a “perfect joint” on Core Yarns, mainly “single core” with cotton, but also positive results have been achieved with Dual Core Yarns. In this field, Savio can also offer the new splicing technology combining air and water, Moistair®, which represents the most flexible solution of any kind of yarn.