​Independent sides, best production planning, minimized "unproductive time", high quality yarn and packages.

New automatic rotor spinning machine, designed to meet the most diverse needs of flexibility in the field of Open End spinning. Savio was the first to introduce the solution of the two independent sides in the Open End segment; this feature is still present in this latest model.
Helios is a fully automated machine with hybrid technology to optimize efficiency and support high flexibility. Hybrid technology means being able to have completely automated piecing and doffing operations in a single machine, but also being able to perform semi-automatic piecing in case of need to further reduce non-productive times. Manual removal of the package is possible at any time, but with particular attention to special conditions such as lot changes and start-ups.



    Open End Rotor Spinning Machine



  • Modern Spinning Technology which meet all main requirements 
  • High spinning speed thanks to new Savio Spin box 
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Hybrid technology to optimize efficiency and flexibility



  • Full automated open-end rotor spinning machine with hybrid technology to optimize efficiency, minimum “non productive” time and to support high flexibility.
  • High spinning speed of up-to 125.000 rpm with new Savio spin box.
  • Take-up speed of up to 250 m/min.
  • Electronic package building.
  • Independent sides for two lots processing.
  • Minimizing energy power.
  • Low operation height makes the machine user-friendly for all kind of operations.
  • Up-to 520 spinning units to meet customers’ requirements and optimize their investment.