Savio supplies high quality spare parts, upgrade / conversion kits and assistance for spare parts, guaranteeing a fast and reliable delivery service in over 60 countries.


Spare parts can be ordered quickly and easily directly via the e-commerce portal S.O.S. Savio - Spares Online Service or by contacting your trusted Savio representative.
Our online e-commerce service of spare parts, S.O.S. Savio has been designed to speed up the ordering and replacement procedures of spare parts. In addition to ordering, it allows users to have real-time updates on the progress of outstanding orders and detailed information on the availability, prices and offers of the spare parts set for each machine model.

Why choose the S.O.S. e-commerce system Savio?

  • because it is active 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • because it allows a simple and fast use.
  • because it has a direct acquisition system.
  • because it allows a direct consultation of the price list, availability of the parts in stock, and verification of the progress of your orders / tracking.
  • because it has guaranteed safety standards.
  • because it allows you to find the right solution for every need.
  • because you will be followed by our BackOffice staff in case you have special requests.


To maintain the performance of Savio machines over time or increase their functionality to meet new market needs, it is possible to implement / adapt the machines with specific upgrade and conversion kits so as to have all the latest Savio innovations. If you are looking to optimize the performance of your machines, improve ease of use and ergonomics, reduce operating costs or start production of other yarns, it is time to contact us to find the appropriate upgrade kit to your specific needs.


To give you the peace of mind of planning your expenses over time, Savio has designed a prepaid maintenance program for you. 
The program is valid at all Savio Authorized Service Centers, at locked prices and includes spare parts and labor, leaving unchanged over time cost for the care of your machines / plant.
Thanks to the Standard maintenance program, you can benefit from all the operations foreseen by the ordinary maintenance plan of the machine, thus guaranteeing efficiency over time at locked prices.

For any information, please contact us directly at our dedicated e-mail address: spareparts@saviospa.it or by calling us at the phone number: +390434397236, where you will find an operator at your disposal!


The applicant takes note of the following :

  • for safety measures, the data transmission through “Savio S.O.S.” (Spares Online Service) is coded and
    protected by a user name and password which will be informed after receiving the present Application Form
    duly filled in;
  • the passwords are strictly confidential and they must absolutely not be revealed to third parties;
  • any contravention to such obligations will give Savio the right to revoke the access authorization to “SOS”;
  • the payment and delivery terms already in use will be applied when ordering through “SOS”;
  • the general sales conditions in force are those stated in the “SOS” portal ;
  • the preferential language may be changed online at any time.