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History, heritage and high-tech skills for manufacturing the excellence of the future.
Since over 100 years, Savio has been researching and manufacturing machines for yarn finishing sector, with developed products to ensure high performance through time.
Founded in Pordenone, North East of Italy, in 1911 by entrepreneur Marcello Savio as a workshop for the production of textile components for the local industry, is today the world leader in the field of yarn finishing machines. Savio now operates worldwide in the production and marketing of automatic
winders, two-for-one twisters, and rotor spinning frames with manufacturing plants in Italy, Czech Republic, China and India.


At ITMA in Milan, Savio officially presents the ECO PULSARS automatic winder.


​Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A. becomes the controlling shareholder of the company Saviotechnics s.r.o., former Elitechnics, based in Czech Republic.


Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A. becomes the controlling shareholder of the company Mesdan S.p.A.​


Alpha private equity fund acquires from Itema Group the 100% of Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A. and its controlled units.


Savio acquires the Barco Vision Group - which gathers companies like Loepfe Brothers Ltd (Switzerland), BMSvision (Belgium), Sedo Treepoint (Germany) - and  Eutron Spa (Italy).


At ITMA in Munich, Savio officially presents the full range of the new POLAR automatic winders.


Radici Group creates ITEMA Group, a new industrial holding bringing together the activities of textile machinery: Savio is the leading brand of the Itema Spinning business unit.


At ITMA in Paris, the ORION winder is presented. By massively applying electronics, Savio develops the most modern and advanced winder ever seen before: the winding head is fully managed by an electronic CPU board, which controls all functions.


Savio is taken over by the Radici Group.


Savio is handed over by ENI to a private group of investors and managers. In the hands of a motivated and resourceful management, Savio consolidated its position on the market; the first manufacturing joint ventures in China and India are set up, in order to have a privileged point of entry into what will become the main textile markets of the future.


The automatic winder ESPERO is presented at ITMA in Paris. It proves to be very successful, thanks to its versatility, reliability, simplicity and operation economy.


At the ITMA in Milan, Savio displays another milestone with the introduction of the RAS 15 C/I, the first link winder appeared on the world market.


Savio is acquired by ENI (the Italian Multinational Oil and Gas Company).


Savio develops the Automatic Winder RSA.


Savio decides to penetrate the spinning sector, by introducing in the market the thread-guided winder USr and some years later CSr, thus starting the competition with the world leading manufacturers.


In the years of the post war recovery, Luciano Savio takes on the responsibility of the company. He begins developing textile machinery of his own design and launches his products on the market.​


The first Savio machine is produced: the Assembly winder BS.


Marcello Savio establishes a small workshop specialized in repairing textile machinery, mainly looms.